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1.    What do you charge for your puppies? What is the deposit fee? Why are you posting prices publicly?

         a.    $2000 for the current litter. We heard the rumor too...a responsible breeder doesn't post their prices in public  and we think that is silly. We'd rather post them up front and let people decide for themselves if they want to make the investment than to spend days screening them to find        out the price is more than they are willing to pay.
2.    How do you raise the puppies…do you….
         a.    See the “Puppy Info” section of the website and then feel free to contact us with any                            specific questions about puppy raising.
3.    What are the requirements in your puppy purchase agreement?
         a.    The puppy purchase agreement and non-refundable deposit contract can be found on the                  page under the “Puppy Info” section. Some things that we require: 
                i.    Puppies must be returned if the buyer cannot or will not keep them.
               ii.    No breeding until the dog meets several requirements including health certifications,                           being 2 years of age, and a title. 
              iii.    Hips/elbows guarantee is given for the dog to pass OFA at 2 years of age along with a                          congenital defect guarantee (See the puppy purchase agreement for details). 
4.    I want a personal protection dog, but I don’t want to join a protection club or seek a trainer to help me train the dog. Will you sell me a puppy? 
         a.    No. Due to the number of people that request “personal protection” prospect puppies,                      who then fail to follow through with training, we are no longer placing puppies with                              people unless they can provide a reference from their training club or they must be willing                  to establish training with a trainer.
5.    I just want a pet. Why should I pay so much or go with Chaland for my next puppy?
         a.    We actually breed for working dogs (meaning dogs with actual jobs) and sporting dogs                       (which may include protection sports). We do not breed for pets. Every puppy in our litter is                 raised the same however, and every litter has a puppy or two that would be well suited to                     being an active companion. Those pet puppies are coming from the same health certified,                   titled parents and are raised using the same puppy raising program. They are better suited                 to being a companion than a puppy raised by a breeder that does not provide the level of                   care that we do when raising puppies. The price is a small investment when you consider                     that that dog will serve as your companion for it’s entire lifetime. Pet puppies are expected to receive consistent training and to earn a Canine Good Citizen certificate within their first 2 years of life. 
6.    What will you want to know from me?
         a.    We will want to build a relationship with you for the dog’s lifetime, however, in order to                        place a puppy with you we will need the following information (to begin screening you):
                i.    Your legal name
               ii.    Your address
              iii.    Your email address
              iv.    Your vet information (if you have any current dogs)
               v.    Your training club or trainer’s contact info (if you have one currently)
              vi.    Whether you can have puppies in your current residence. Whether you rent or own.                             Whether you have children or not, and their ages, if so. 
             vii.    Any prior experience with Belgians.
            viii.    Any prior dog training or dog related experience.
              ix.    Your expectations of us as the breeder. 
               x.    Your ability to accept the Puppy Purchase Agreement and your readiness to complete the waitlist form and send the waitlist fee. 

7. What is the process for purchasing a puppy from you?

             a. Review this website and make contact with us.

             b. Ask any questions that you have regarding our breeding program, puppies, puppy raising program, expectations, etc. We will also ask you questions to assess your fit with our puppies and program.

             c. When you are committed to purchasing a puppy from us, complete the waitlist form and submit the waitlist fee:

             d. When we receive your form and fee, we will begin to screen you more thoroughly. If you are approved for the waitlist, we will let you know. If we need additional information, we will let you know. IF you are not approved we will refund your waitlist fee and let you know. 

             e. When a litter is born, if you are following the Facebook page, you can watch the puppies as they develop. 

             f. When the litter is around 6-7 weeks old we have a good idea of which puppy will be most suitable for which person and will let you know which puppy appears to be a good fit for your goals. You may choose to proceed with purchasing the puppy then. If so we will email you the final puppy purchase agreement for your review and you should schedule the pickup of your puppy, schedule your first vet appointment, and schedule with your trainer/club to begin working with your puppy. 

              g. Puppies begin to go home at 8 weeks old! 8 weeks is the legal minimum and puppies should not be allowed to go to their homes any earlier as it is important for them to spend the time with their littermates and dam. 

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